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100 Pastel Challenge-Nos. 62-65

Well, I’ve been working on completing this challenge, but haven’t posted the result for awhile.  Above are the most recent.

For newbies, this was a challenge to complete 100 versions of the same pastel.  You had to choose the size and a time limit (I chose 5 X 7 and 30 minutes) the idea being that this would force you to use colors that you wouldn’t normally choose.  And it has really worked for me.  I wasn’t aware how much I was reaching for the same colors when I painted a landscape.  But, I have to admit, I’m looking forward to finishing soon!


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100 Pastels Challenge #61

We’ve been visiting family in the SF bay area and I just had to jump in and get something done.  The is the 61st painting in the challenge.  I was going to just post groups of 4 in the future, but couldn’t resist posting this.

We had a great time in Marin (I didn’t tell everyone that we brought the sunny days up there with us!)  Actually, we had a little rain on Saturday, but the barbecue on Sunday was in a wonderful sunny day and the three birthday cakes (this was a family celebration), were perfect.


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100 Pastel milestone-60 done

Ok, that’s numbers 57, 58, 59 and 60.

So, I’ll probably go back to watercolor for awhile.   …..wait a minute….I already said that didn’t I? I think I mean it this time.

I hope you are all enjoying my struggle to make each one different.  Only 40 more to go!!



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100 Pastel Challenge No. 56

Yes, here’s another one.  Today was full of errands and paperwork.   I’ve discovered that it’s nice to have something going that doesn’t need a lot of thought and simple decisions to relax a little.

I hope you are all enjoying this challenge.


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100 Pastel Challenge No. 55

Ahh………55 is a good number!   For newbies, this is a challenge to complete 100 pastels using the same painting, but changing colors, same size 5 X 7 and done in 30 minutes.   (I think that keeps us from fussing over colors when the purpose is to force us to choose colors other than what we normally choose.  It’s been great  fun so far, but I do have to admit, it’s getting harder keeping them all different.   And when I choose a color and don’t like it, it’s hard just to leave it alone and move on,

Hope you are having fun with this too.  Someday,you will  see them altogether.

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100 Pastels No. 54

Well, I started out planning a portrait and then got side-tracked doing another challenge painting.  I hope to have something new tomorrow evening (appointments all day).  In the meantime, here’s #54      I hope you are enjoying this challenge.  If I keep going like this, maybe I’ll finish it before 2012!


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100 Pastel Challenge #53

Ahhhhhhhhh!   Another one done!



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And Another One! #52 in Pastel Challenge

Had a few extra moments today and decided to knock out another one.  Let’s see that means there’s only 48 more to go to reach the goal of 100.

For any newbies, this is a challenge to complete 100 pastels using the same design, and size (in this case 5 X 7)  and complete as much as possible within a chosen time lime. Mine is 30 minutes. You’ll find lots to check out in earlier posts.


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Yes! No. 51 in the 100 Pastel Challenge


I’ve been busy with life-in-general things lately and realized that I hadn’t done a pastel in awhile.  You’re going to be seeing more and more that are similar to those already posted, I’m afraid.  Or, you may be seeing some really weird ones.   After all, the point of doing 100 was to force me to choose colors that I wouldn’t normally use.  I noticed that this one is sticking pretty close to natural colors, so I’ll need to concentrate on doing it completely different next time  (maybe tomorrow?)


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100 Pastel Challenge Nos. 43 & 44

Here’s number 43 in my quest to complete 100 pastels.

And here’s number 44!   I’m almost half way there!!!




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