Pastel Pond

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching lately and will post them soon, however the pastel bug bit me good this week.  I started this Tuesday and I “think” I finished it tonight, however living with it for a day or two may induce me to make some changes as I’m not thoroughly happy with it.  We’ll see….I go back and make changes to paintings all the time.     This is an 8″ X 12″ on  Canson paper using mostly Unisons and Ludwig pastels.

Below are a couple of shots showing my usual way of working.  First, very loosely drawing in area with a pastel pencil and then with landscapes working mostly from top to bottom.  Then I go  back and start changing, adding or subtracting items and color.   I was aiming for a very loose image which I think this qualifies.  In fact, I’m thinking I may go in and sharpen some detail.

Enjoy and please comment if you wish!

In start with the sky in landscapes as it is the source of light and all else follows.

2 Responses to “Pastel Pond”

  1. thom says:

    I struggle with that a lot: finishing a piece and then wanting to revisit it. One of the advantages of digital painting is that you can easily make edits later without tearing out the physical media

    I love the piece regardless!

  2. leila Schnyder says:

    The colors are glorious! I suffer from the “not good enough” bug constantly! However I think that your piece is excellent the way it is!

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