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Display in Gateway Bank

I completed hanging 7 paintings in the bank yesterday.   The photos below just give you an idea of how they are placed throughout the main floor.  Actually, I’m working on 4 new pastels that I hope to take in and substitute for 4 I just put up.  The new ones are brighter and larger and will show up better.   I have to say, I’m excited when I see my work up on a wall.  Particularly in a location like this where the paintings will be seen by the general public, rather than someone visiting a gallery…..  Not that I would turn down a chance to hang in a gallery!

The people working in the bank were looking forward to seeing new work and they say that their customers notice right away and talk about what they like, etc.  Since this is a commercial bank, they have a local customer base that comes in often.  It will be interesting to hear any comments.  But, once again, I believe the reception to the newer work will be even more positive.   I should be able to get the exchange done next week.   We’ll see.

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Spring Art Show

Well, it’s finally time.  Tomorrow the Lakewood Artists Guild will be accepting submissions for the 2010 Spring Art Show held at the Community Center at Mayfair Park.  I have two pastels and two watercolors that you have already seen  in previous posts, but I thought I’d show them framed and ready to go.

Almost a Rose   5 X 7  Watercolor

LA Fall    5 X 7   Watercolor

Birches      8 X 10   Pastel

Shih Tzu    8 X 10   Pastel

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Time to Paint Again

I received many kind comments on my paintings on display…but it appears that people liked the birches the best.  I usually use a photo or two that I have taken as a starting point for my landscapes,  but this one was strictly from my imagination…..I wonder what that means…..

Saturday was a good day for sitting and talking with fellow artists, but Mother’s Day came roaring in with cold winds and dark clouds.  The sun eventually broke through and the booths and rides in the center of the park were fairly comfortable.  Unfortunately, the Artists Guild Booths were on the westernmost outside edge and we wore layers and layers even in the sunshine.  I’m afraid that a two day show that requires you to breakdown  in the evening and set up again the next day, requires just a little more energy than I have to spare, but it was fun to relive the street fairs I joined in the early 70s and I’m truly glad I joined the group.  The economy certainly affected sales, even of the smaller craft items that usually do well.   But, my main reason for being there was just to be able to display a larger number of paintings than I can usually afford to enter into art shows.  So, mission accomplished.  The photos aren’t the greatest, but the following may give you an idea of what it was like.
The last photo shows a 3 dimentional logo that Chick made from carved letters:

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California Valley – Watercolor

Well, I finished the watercolor.  I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do another one tomorrow.  Maybe when I know I have everything gathered and ready to take to the Fiesta early Saturday morning….this is 11 X 14   transparent watercolor with a touch of opaque in the foreground.


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April Flowers

Unfortunately, I have no idea what these flowers are.   I was going through my collection tonight to choose something that might be done quickly, saw them, chose them and here they are.  I’ve been neglecting my daily painting,  and it really shows ( I think ) in the brush work and color, but painting is like learning to play the clarinet (that’s Chick’s thing), if you don’t practice, it’s harder to reach your goals.  I’ve read columns by writers that say the same thing.  Rather obvious, I guess.  I just realized that it applies to jumping rope as well.    So…….lesson learned (hopefully).

I’m hoping to have some pet portraits to show soon and maybe an announcement about them and the AIDS ride that my son, Thom, is part of, but I need to hold that for a few days.

My biggest pressure right now is getting some paintings completed for the Pan American Fiesta to be held here in Lakewood on May 8th and 9th. I’m sharing a booth with another member of the Lakewood Artists Guild.   I do have some pastels you’ve already seen, but I’m determined to get lots of new work (ok, ok, some work) done for it.   DESPITE the constant winds attacking my allergies, I have to say.  The weather is sunny during the day and beautiful…..I just wish I could enjoy the winds.  We’ll all miss them come August!!

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Flower Sketch in Color

Here’s yesterday’s sketch redone in color.  I’m still sorting pictures from our California Poppy trip last week, so I probably won’t have anything up for a couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy!

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Merry Christmas!


The Poinsettias seem especially nice this year.  I can’t imagine Christmas without them.  Here’s one from my diningroom table.  The painting process is below:


Here is my last minute set up….we’re all in a holiday rush, right?  I took a picture of the plant and stood it on my table easel to paint from.  It was easier tonight than trying to set up lighting and painting the actual plant.  As you can see, for this watercolor I’m painting each petal and leaf individually wet-in-wet.  I decided not to take the time to paint a background, although I may go back and do that later.


This shot show the Winsor Newton travel set I’m always referring to as well as my  5.5 X 8.5 drawing pad.  You may be able to tell that I tape 3 of the edges down to the pack to keep the paper from buckling while the paper is wet.


And here’s the final version.    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you with lots of work in 2010…….(although, I should say with lots of fun!).  Peace to you all.   Jan

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Fall Leaves

Fall leaves 12-1-09One of the things I most enjoy about watercolor is that I don’t have complete control over the medium.  I see incredible true-to-life paintings that floor me, but I actually like the stage I’m at.  Sometimes the paintings turn out pretty much what I envisioned, and other times they take on a life of their own.  Today’s is one of those.  But I like it.   Just as before, this was done in my 7 X 9 sketch book filling the page essentially, and using my Winsor Newton travel kit.

Unlike many areas of the country, Southern California is not into winter yet…..and may not be by Christmas….we’re never sure.   But Fall has finally graced our streets and the wonderful yellow, oranges and reds are towering over all.   Enjoy.

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You all know my motto…..”when in doubt, paint flowers”!!   I have been working on the 100 paintings challenge on Wet Canvas and in my case, that means pastels.  While thinking about the next version, I got side tracked reading Elizabeth Mowry’s “The Pastelist’s Year”.  She is head and shoulders my favorite pastel artist ….and not a bad writer either.   So, I thought I’d do a small watercolor tonight.  The image is approximately 4 X 6.  Once again using Winsor Newton watercolors in my 7X9 sketch book.  I definitely need to keep practicing using watercolor.  It’s the medium I need to work looser.  But, fuchsias are year around happy flowers.  So, I hope you enjoy!

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Wild Colors for No. 6

I’m truly behind in my quest for 3 versions a week for the 100 painting challenge, but still in there!  I haven’t decided on any theme for some of them, but who knows how I will feel next week.  This one just painted itself with wild and crazy colors!  For those new to the site, the size is always 5X7, pastel, 30-minute time limit   (although on this one I think I pushed that to 45 minutes).



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