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100 Pastel Challenge – No. 75!

This is number 75 of a challenge to complete 100 versions of the same painting, each within 30 minutes and my size is 5″ X 7″.   If you would like to see the other 74, just keep scrolling down through the blog!  (Or check the category list over on the right of the page).


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100 Pastel Challenge No. 74

Since it is a holiday, I took even less time to devote to this, the 74th in the series of 100 pastels done on 5″ X 7″ paper with a time limit of 30 minutes………I wonder if the people who started this challenge oh so long ago even remember it.  We’ll see.   I’ll post my 100th on Wet Canvas and see who responds.   (But, of course, I still have 26 to go!)

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100 Pastel Challenge No. 73


This time, I made things different by putting my hand on a pastel and then moving to another.   Weird, but that’s what the challenge is all about.

This is the weekend for the Lakewood Artist Guild’s Spring Show.  I will be entering 2 pastels.   Less than previous years, but it’s been a busy time and I decided to take the stress off.     They only have separate categories if there are at least 7 paintings in the same medium, such as watercolor.   If there are fewer than 7, then those are all lumped together in a general category.  In past years, there have always been fewer than 7 pastels, so I get judged along with drawings, mixed-media, etc.

We’ll see what happens this year.  Pastel is becoming more popular across the country, but I’m not aware of anyone in the guild besides myself that works in it on a regular basis.   Must make decisions hard for the judge!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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100 Pastel Challenge No.72

Thought I’d try to get another one done before getting some pastel paintings framed for the Lakewood Artist Guild’s Spring Show this weekend.   Maybe I can get the 100 finished before the  Fall Show.   What do you think?     In this one, I picked up a box of various pastels that I had been using to complete a larger work and limited myself to what was in the box.   Remember, the goal is to use colors other than one’s we are used to picking up in order to get out of our ruts.  This one sort of does that.  Enjoy!

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Pastel Challenge #71

Yes, it’s time to get back to the challenge.   This is pastel #71 and I WILL finish 100 in 2012!

For those new to this blog site, I joined a challenge  quite a while back that was on Wet Canvas.  The idea was to force yourself out of the rut you “may” be in of using the same colors for the same or similar objects.   We set our own rules and went to work…..well, most of us….well, some of us did.  I think I took a break around 50 or so.   Anyway, my rules were that all pictures were to be 5 X 7″, done within 30 minutes with each one being different in some way.   If you look back on earlier postings, you’ll see some very strange landscapes, but that was the whole point.  This one was not so different, telling me that I need to get back to working with unfamiliar color schemes.     I hope you enjoy the trip!

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100 Pastel Challenge No. 70


For newbies, I must explain that I joined a pastel challenge (a loooooooong time ago) that was started on Wet Canvas.   The idea was to design a small picture of any type (landscape, still-life, etc) and complete 100 versions of the same picture each using different colors.  The idea was to loosen up and stop grabbing the same colors all the time.   We were to set our own standards and go to it!    Mine are 5 X 7, and must be completed within 30 minutes.  This one was fun because each time I reached for a color, I put it back and choose nearly the opposite.    You’ll find the other 69 at various spots in the blog.   Sometimes I get tired of doing them and drop it for awhile, but I’m committed to finish!!

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100 Pastel Challenge No. 69

Well, it looks like I’m getting there slowly by surely!

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100 Pastel Challenge No. 68


This may look strange to those who haven’t been following the blog long (and I’ve been gone awhile), but what it represents is a challenge that was made on a pastel forum on Wet Canvas (so long ago, I’m embarrassed to say).  The idea was to loosen up by doing small pastels very quickly and purposely choosing colors that you wouldn’t actually use if you were going for the best.  We set our own perimeters and mine were 5 X 7, done in 30 minutes or less.  I have to say it is fun to pick out a color that makes you groan and then use it.

If you scroll down through the blog, you’ll see what I mean.   Now, since I’ve taken so long to do this (I’ll usually do 3 or 4 and then go back to normal painting, I think I may have miss counted.  I have all of these 5 X 7s taped onto large cardboard sheets and out of the way of little dogs, etc.  But, I’ll check them all before I raise the flag!!


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100 Pastels Nos. 66 & 67

I just realized that I haven’t been working on the 100 Pastel Challenge lately.   So, here is #66 & 67.   I think I’d better get going to finish in 2012.  What do you think?

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100 Pastel Challenge – No. 66

Well, here’s number 66 in the challenge to do 100 pastels with different colors.  For those who are just seeing the blog for the first time, the object was to design a painting (most people involved designed landscapes), choose a size (mine are 5″ X 7″) and a time limit (mine is 30 minutes).  Then, the fun part was to complete 100 paintings never repeating any particular color scheme.  Some, of course, are similar, but the whole idea was to force yourself to use colors that you wouldn’t normally use, thus breaking through the rut we often find ourselves in.

You can find the other 65 in earlier posts.   Enjoy!

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