August, 2009

California Beach Path


A few years ago, my husband and I were driving in the Central Coast area and decided to take a road branching of from the Coast Hwy 1 to a beach area that was just breathtaking!  In some parts there were dune buggies and lots of activity, but with a little perseverance we got a great view of an almost untouched coastline.  I must admit, the red flowers are right out of my imagination!

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Sea Holly

sea_holly4Well, it looks like this drawing could use a little help from Photoshop as it’s very washed out.     So, you may see this again soon and a little darker.   I’ve taken a little license to add a little purple to what were really very blue flowers…hence the name “Big Blue” and I love the name “Sea Holly”!.  I used my favoriet sketching method…draw with ink pens (flairs), then work it over with brush and water.  I usually try to warm up with some sketches before jumping into a pastel or watercolor and I’ve been absent lately  visiting the Art Festival, etc. Maybe on to pastel tomorrrow!

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