October, 2009

Well, it’s finally over!

Well, it’s finally over, and worth every minute.  We had an exceptional number of paintings and crafts entered and the quality just keeps getting better and better.   I entered 2 pastels and 1 ink drawing.  The ink drawing was chosen as an Honorable Mention in the “Other Media” category.  I was so happy just win anything, but a drawing is really unusual.  The biggest group, of course, is the large-size oil paintings, actually oil and acrylic are judged together…I don’t agree with that, but I didn’t have a say in the rules..  Interestingly, the judge is a very well-known watercolor artist and teacher and, strangely enough, we had fewer water colors than usual.

Below you will see me with my entries.  I had one of our Guild members take the pictures and so I can’t take responsibility for the shots.  It is a difficult room to get good pictures in, but I promise I didn’t have my eyes closed very long.

Aside from 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners  (I won a blue ribbon at the spring show!!!), and the Honorable Mentions, we had a special Mayor’s award, a Best of Show Award and several awards from art materials companies.  The mayor chose an oil self-portrait for his award and was there to present it.  We all had a great time and are looking forward to the Spring Show for 2010!

Fall art show Medocino2Mendocino House – Ink Drawing  – approx. 10 X 12   As you can see, this won an Honorable Mention.

Fall art show mountains2Bad reflections in this room…maybe I was pretending they weren’t there.   This is a pastel   approx. 7 X 9.  I used the mountains in this painting on my business card.

Fall art show-mountains

Even worse reflections here.  The second pastel.  7 X 9.  I especially liked the mats on this one.  You can see the mountain better if you want to check out the older posts. I don’t think it’s too far back.

Thanks for looking.   Jan

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LAG Fall Art Show

I’ve been busy preparing for the art show this weekebd.  I entered the drawing of the house on the hill, as well as two pastels that you can see in earlier posts.  The show is tomorrow (Sunday) and awards will be made when they close down at 4.  I’m really happy with the work that I entered and enjoyed helping out getting paintings registered today and watching the set up.

Last Spring, I entered 4 paintings and if you go done a couple of pages of older posts, you’ll see me standing next to the paintings.  One (a cat drawing) was awarded a blue ribbon and one (the farm scene in the snow)  received an Honorable Mention.  I was estatic because it was the first art show I ever entered.

This time, however,  as I checked paintings in, I think I came to realize that it will be ultra exciting to be chosed against most of them.  Ours is a small art guild, but filled with extremely talented artisits.  Also, for shows like this, entrance is open to non-members  (we all pay an entrance fee)  This is part of our being a non-profit, as well as getting the city to let us use public buildings for our meetings and shows.  It is typical for a few people to join the Guild after seeing the show, or entering as a non=member.  Which is wonderful!

My next post will be tomorrow night or probably Monday with photos of the show and some paintings as well.   I’ll show the three that I entered whether they win any thing or not.  It is a great experience just to be a part of it.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

This is a 6 X 9 soft pastel – mostly Unisons for that soft look.  Done on white MiTientes on the rough side.  Again, I’ll need to spray to keep the latter layer from falling off!


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Weatherman’s Delight

Clouds 2 flashWell I was after a dreamy landscape and think I got a mushy one.   6 X 9 pastel, mostly Unisons on Mi-tientes light blue paper, soft side.  This is so full of pastel, I’ll have to take it outside and spray it before working any more with it.

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Country Home New Photo

Country House Redo

Well, since this is a process blog, I decided to leave the last post with the weak picture of this house so you can compare it to a better photo.  I also placed it in a wide maroon mat because I am going to frame and hang it here in the house.  The proof is here.  Outdoor light is the best.

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Country Home

Country Home 2

This is an India Ink drawing done from a photo I took several years ago along the Central California coast.  I was born in Iowa and raised outside of a small town in Oregon.  There was something about this house that stirred childhood memories even though we didn’t live in any house that looked like this.  I think it was just the aura that did it.   Size is 8-1/2 X 11-1/2.   I’m not sure why the photo faded out like that,  the entire drawing should be as dark as the trees.  Perhaps I can replace it with a properly lit photo.

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Yellow Rose

Yellow rose_10_6This was such an unusual yellow rose with red edges and red and green leaves that I took a picture of it while walking the dogs earlier in the year.  Watercolor, of course, in my 7 X 9 sketchbook.   I actually liked the bud more than the opened flowers as the red seemed more intense.  Unfortunately, this shot doesn’t show the brightness of the original painting.   I may go outdoors tomorrow and see if I can get a better shot.   All comment are truly welcome!  Remember, this is a learning adventure…..and I can take it   :-)

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Pink Azaleas

Lillies_1-_3BWell, I thought I’d give those colored flairs another try.  I’m not as happy with them as I am just the black flair, but it’s fun trying to blend and smear the ink.

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