May, 2010

Spring Art Show

Well, it’s finally time.  Tomorrow the Lakewood Artists Guild will be accepting submissions for the 2010 Spring Art Show held at the Community Center at Mayfair Park.  I have two pastels and two watercolors that you have already seen  in previous posts, but I thought I’d show them framed and ready to go.

Almost a Rose   5 X 7  Watercolor

LA Fall    5 X 7   Watercolor

Birches      8 X 10   Pastel

Shih Tzu    8 X 10   Pastel

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Time to Paint Again

I received many kind comments on my paintings on display…but it appears that people liked the birches the best.  I usually use a photo or two that I have taken as a starting point for my landscapes,  but this one was strictly from my imagination…..I wonder what that means…..

Saturday was a good day for sitting and talking with fellow artists, but Mother’s Day came roaring in with cold winds and dark clouds.  The sun eventually broke through and the booths and rides in the center of the park were fairly comfortable.  Unfortunately, the Artists Guild Booths were on the westernmost outside edge and we wore layers and layers even in the sunshine.  I’m afraid that a two day show that requires you to breakdown  in the evening and set up again the next day, requires just a little more energy than I have to spare, but it was fun to relive the street fairs I joined in the early 70s and I’m truly glad I joined the group.  The economy certainly affected sales, even of the smaller craft items that usually do well.   But, my main reason for being there was just to be able to display a larger number of paintings than I can usually afford to enter into art shows.  So, mission accomplished.  The photos aren’t the greatest, but the following may give you an idea of what it was like.
The last photo shows a 3 dimentional logo that Chick made from carved letters:

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California Valley – Watercolor

Well, I finished the watercolor.  I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do another one tomorrow.  Maybe when I know I have everything gathered and ready to take to the Fiesta early Saturday morning….this is 11 X 14   transparent watercolor with a touch of opaque in the foreground.


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Birches Framed

Well, I finally made the mat and frame decisions.  They look a little darker here in the photo than in real life.    Now, I just have to move on to finishing my watercolor! Saturday is looming.

I think this will be fun, if not profitable.   We’ll see.  It is different than having a presence in an outdoor art show where you know the people coming buy are there for art.  This will be families from all over the area coming to the Fiesta to have fun.   Now, if I can just stay away from the food booths………

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Birches – Ready for Framing

Sometimes the urge to change “just one more thing” has to be controlled.  I’m hoping to call this one finished……although I may work a little more on the shadows on the bottom. They seemed alright until I made some distinctive changes up higher and not they aren’t reading quite as I’d like.   Or maybe they do.  Until I get a pastel under glass, it’s just a short trip to the easel!


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