January, 2011

Big Sur II

The following is a process study of a new pastel called Big Sur II. This painting is based on a photo I took several years ago during a trip Chick and I took up Hwy1. The size is 9 X 12 on Strathmore medium weight pastel paper and using several brands of pastels, including Terry Ludwig, Unison, Girault and Nupastel.

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100 Pastel Challenge – #17 & 18

Above are the latest in my loooooooong challenge to paint the same pastel scene 100 times.  For those who would rather not scroll down to read the “rules”, these are small paintings done to experience choosing colors that are perhaps not what one would choose on a regular basis….it’s been a great learning experience and I’m only on #18.      The rules I chose were to make each painting 5 X 7″, complete (or as much as possible) in 30 minutes and make each one different.    I’m hoping to set up a link to a separate page so that you can see them all at once as I progress.

Again, if you would like to see the previous 16, plus the outline drawing and notan (showing value choices), just scroll down.   I think I got a little mixed up in my numbering, but I really just have finished 18 at this point.   I’ve made a promise to myself to finish in 2011………..

Hope you enjoy!

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Kansas Farm Version II

Well, I’m not sure how well the changes are showing on this version, but I added more yellow/gold in the foreground and worked on the fence and far field some more.

Sometimes I have a problem deciding when something is “done”, but I like this better.

Please enjoy.   Comments are always welcome!

Kansas Farm in Pastel

This is a 9 X 12 pastel of a farm in Kansas….well, two farms.   I took two shots several years ago and combined them for this painting.

And finally……………..

I hope you enjoyed seeing the steps.

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