July, 2011

100 Pastel Challenge – No. 66

Well, here’s number 66 in the challenge to do 100 pastels with different colors.  For those who are just seeing the blog for the first time, the object was to design a painting (most people involved designed landscapes), choose a size (mine are 5″ X 7″) and a time limit (mine is 30 minutes).  Then, the fun part was to complete 100 paintings never repeating any particular color scheme.  Some, of course, are similar, but the whole idea was to force yourself to use colors that you wouldn’t normally use, thus breaking through the rut we often find ourselves in.

You can find the other 65 in earlier posts.   Enjoy!

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East Oregon Autumn


I’ve been trying to work looser and had to stop myself from adding any more details.  I had some photos from years back that I combined and added a creek.  Hope you enjoy.

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Almost Daily Sketches

Just a couple of quick sketches to get back in the groove.  Each was done on my Canson 3 X 5″ sketch pad. Hope you enjoy!

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