November, 2011

Painted Desert – Pastel

Pastel on Sennelier Pastel Paper using primarily Unisons, Ludwig and Rembrandt pastels and based “quite” loosely on a photo taken some years ago in Arizona.  Seems like I’ve been concentrating mostly on pastel landscapes, so I’m determined to get back to what this blog was originally  for……and that was to try different materials and subjects and just have fun.  Haven’t decided what the next one will be, but I promise it will be different!


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Autumn River

Well, it’s been a busy time (and,if you like the holidays as much as I do, it will be even busier!  I  am going try to set aside time each day and get more done…makes me feel more relaxed too in this hectic time.

The painting above is 8 X 10 on Sennelier Pastel Paper using primarily Unisons and Ludwig pastels…..yes, they are my favorite.   There are some touches here and there done with harder pastels, but principally just the two.

I hope you enjoy!



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