July, 2012

Messin’ Round

Sometimes, I just mess around and see what happens……………..rather weird, isn’t it?

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100 Pastel Challenge – No. 75!

This is number 75 of a challenge to complete 100 versions of the same painting, each within 30 minutes and my size is 5″ X 7″.   If you would like to see the other 74, just keep scrolling down through the blog!  (Or check the category list over on the right of the page).


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Doodle Tres

Without ink outline and details

With ink outline and details

Well, as I planned, I got out my old set of regular Derwent Watercolor Pencils and and used them for this third and last exercise.  I have to admit that the colors from the Inktense set were, in fact, brighter, both going onto the paper and as the water was applied.  I had to work harder to get as much color as I was aiming for using the regular set.   In the middle of the exercise, it occurred to me that I really should have done these on watercolor paper to have a true test.  In the future, when I decide to complete something using w/c pencils, I’ll run a short test on probably 140 lb paper and see what the difference is.

I still have a problem, however, with the Inktense lead color not representing the final color well.  It really means making up a sample sheet with the colors and their names for future use and filling in several colors that weren’t represented in the set that I got  (like a true red, for instance).

Well, this was a fun exercise and I hope you enjoyed my efforts.  Any questions about what I did (or anything else, of course, are more than welcome!)   Enjoy!

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