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Last night was Lakewood Artist Guild’s first fall meeting.  As I’ve mentioned before, many attendees bring what they are currently working on and the guild votes on favorites.     I have to admit I enjoy seeing my paintings up with all the others.   Last night, the paintings were spread out so far, I just  took a quick picture of my latest along with the ones sitting close by.  We had a great time doing something somewhat surprising.   Our speaker has been a teacher for 37 years and also teaches several children’s groups (one has a membership of 60!).    She brought a wide range of the materials she uses for us to sample.  True, they were primarily by Crayola, but I was stunned at the array of different materials and colors, including brush crayons, and wipe-offs. There was also quite a few pencils in beautiful colors  It’s definitely worth a look at a store, like Michaels, or Blick to see what’s available – for you or your kids.  Not just your old 8 piece color crayon set any more, that’s for sure!


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  1. Thom says:

    We are certainly the target market.

    Zoe has JUST entered that stage where she can be trusted with regular tools (previously had a penchant for furniture and wall markups) but Matteo, on the other hand, is just entered the age of tool smashing, eating, rug marking and so on. So we’re still pretty judicious about giving the art supplies to Zoe in controlled environments, other than the non toxic crayons and chalks…

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