First pastel

Although I did some pastel portraits back in the 70′s, I really didn’t do too many. It was hard to find a class in those days. Then I spent years designing and selling quilts in shows etc., and my art was sporatic. Then one day, I found “Paint the Changing Seasons in Pastel” by Elizabeth Mowry and I was hooked. The pastel above is the first one I tried after a couple of practice dabs and you can see the Mowry influence in the strokes. Who would have thought you didn’t have to smudge the life out of the medium? I’m off to an art guild meeting, but I thought tomorrow I’ll do this scene again and see how my techniques have changed. Should be fun!

3 Responses to “Summer Field in Pastel”

  1. Karen & MacGregor says:

    I really love this! I remember when you where working in pastels and they have always stayed with me. I hope you do more work along this line.

  2. thom says:

    I really enjoy when you have one or two solitary trees breaking the horizon line like this.

  3. Leila Schnyder says:

    Oh, how I wish that this was the beginning of summer all over again with the treatment you’ve given this subject. Just lovely.

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