Here are two more pastels for the 100 challenge. Remember they are the same scene, 5 X 7 and the work has to be completed in 30 minutes. It is starting to get harder and harder to just pick up colors that are so different than what I would do if I were painting a scene for real. But then that’s the whole point..forcing yourself to explore colors and hopefully see new possibilities. I must admit that is it very freeing in many respects.

You can view the previous 18 in earlier posts. And remember you can click on the image and see a larger version (Thanks, Thom)

4 Responses to “100 Pastels – Nos. 19 & 20”

  1. Wow! Southwestern kind of colors completely change the whole atmosphere and subject.
    Very interesting change!

  2. The prior message was sent by Leila.

  3. thom says:

    I agree, the southwest vibe is like a completely different place! Though, admittedly so was the blue one, ha!

  4. admin says:

    So, you like the uni-color look?

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