Since I might not get the latest pastel posted tonight and in reference to a comment on the last post about how everyone is different, I though you might like to see my work space (or place).  I have a table easel on (what else?) a card table.  Items I use while painting include LOTS of paper towel   (see holder on the right) and handy wipes (on left side and which work pretty well keeping my hands clean between colors since I paint as much with fingers as I do the pastel stick.  In other words, unlike many other pastelists, I blend colors with my fingers.   I also wash my hands a lot!)

For this post, I moved my box of pastels divided by color and value around to the front of the table where I normally site.  I have probably 6 different brands represented in the collection.   Some pastels are softer than others, some offer colors the others don’t have, etc. so I like having a lot of choices.  I just counted 58 blues, however there are others in boxes that I have recently purchased and aren’t represented here.  They are divided into 8 color groups, therefore………if my math is  correct, I have around 500 different pastels.   Not sure what the count would be adding in the boxes hiding behind my table easel.

I’ve turned the chair around (note the pillow for my back!) and pulled the pastels to the side for a different view.  The pastel tray is usually running parallel to the table so I can just reach with my left hand for a color.  You’ll notice a small box of pastels just next to the front edge of the easel.   It has a layer of rice in it and as I use a pastel in a painting I return it to this small box, not the big one.  It’s a way of keeping track of the colors already in use, as well as being able to repeat a particular color in another place in the painting without searching madly for it in the big box.  The rice helps hold the pastels away from each other, but I still have to clean them as I pick them up usually.

Here are pictures of two of the poster boards I use to mount the completed paintings.  They are propped up on books and a stand on the far side of the card table so that as I’m working, I can check and make sure I’m not duplicating anything.  As the number rises, I’ll have to rely on photos for that process as I won’t have room to stand the poster boards up after about another 9 pantings.

Enjoy….questions are always welcome

These aren’t all the paintings.   I have another board started that currently holds 6 paintings.  Just didn’t bother taking a picture of it.  (That’s for all of you obsessive art lovers out there that have probably already counted the paintings on the two boards and realize that some are missing from the count of 27…..6 to be exact!   I only say that because it’s probably something I would do if I were looking at someone else’s post!!!)

Have fun.

4 Responses to “Pastel work space”

  1. It’s fun for me, especially, for knowing you to see your set up. Very practical and useful.
    You must have a fortune in pastels!

  2. admin says:

    Well, I sure take advantage of as many sales as posible! I’m slowly working to make this room a “studio”. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to take a picture of my studio easel and a tall stool. Shelves of just art related stuff…….you know, you have to dream big to get anywhere at all.

  3. thom says:

    I love seeing the workspace almost as much as the work!

  4. Karen says:

    The tray of pastels especially appeals to me. I love the “organization” of it! Then to wander my eye over the uniqueness of each color within the color. I’d have trouble working in your space because I would be knocking things over all the time. :-)

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