I “believe” these are numbers 39 & 40, but it looks like I’ll have to gather my boards they are mounted on and check the count again……they could be 38 and 39.    Oh, well, I guess the only important number is 100…………..wouldn’t it be awful if I miss-counted and did 101 by mistake?

Enjoy please!

3 Responses to “100 Pastel Challenge 39 & 40”

  1. The pink one is a surreal landscape of Mars, the red planet! How did you know how it looks?
    Been there, done that? This is really silly, isn’t it?
    I like it.

  2. thom says:

    that one with the red and pink hues is speaking my language!

  3. admin says:

    Well, they are probably going to get stranger and stranger since I’m not even half done!

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