Here’s number 43 in my quest to complete 100 pastels.

And here’s number 44!   I’m almost half way there!!!




3 Responses to “100 Pastel Challenge Nos. 43 & 44”

  1. I love both of these. The soft colors are very appealing. They are so springlike and give me hope that the monsoons will eventually be over some day. So far we are ready to float away and river watch vigils are in effect.

  2. thom says:

    I agree, it’s funny how color theory works… slight changes here and there in the color palette on these exercises evoke such different moods!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks, Thom & Leila. I’ve taken a few days off to get some business done, so the chugging to the finish has slowed a bit. I think I’ll do six more and then rest the pastels for awhile. It’s getting harder and harder to really make them different and I’m still not half way done. Maybe a rest will get me back on a roll. I’m really anxious to see them all together soon.

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