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Doodle Tres

Without ink outline and details

With ink outline and details

Well, as I planned, I got out my old set of regular Derwent Watercolor Pencils and and used them for this third and last exercise.  I have to admit that the colors from the Inktense set were, in fact, brighter, both going onto the paper and as the water was applied.  I had to work harder to get as much color as I was aiming for using the regular set.   In the middle of the exercise, it occurred to me that I really should have done these on watercolor paper to have a true test.  In the future, when I decide to complete something using w/c pencils, I’ll run a short test on probably 140 lb paper and see what the difference is.

I still have a problem, however, with the Inktense lead color not representing the final color well.  It really means making up a sample sheet with the colors and their names for future use and filling in several colors that weren’t represented in the set that I got  (like a true red, for instance).

Well, this was a fun exercise and I hope you enjoyed my efforts.  Any questions about what I did (or anything else, of course, are more than welcome!)   Enjoy!

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Back to Dogs…

Don’t you just love them?  Although we own two Shih Tzus, this happens to be a Bearded Collie (Beardie) done on 9 X 12 Wallis Sanded Board using various soft pastels.   Enjoy!


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Almost Daily Sketches

Three more sketches to show.  Hurricane TV watching made sketching in my 5X8 sketchbook easy.

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Beardie in Pastel

Bearded Collie (Beardie to friends)  8 X 10 pastel

If you have read the blurb at the top of the blog, you will note that I always intended this blog to track what I’m doing at any given time.  I promised myself that I would post the day’s work whether I liked it or not, because, as I am sure you know, you learn more from your mistakes than anything else.

I’ve been concentrating on landscapes now for quite awhile and realized I hadn’t ventured into other areas.  I have also been thinking of  doing a painting of a Beardie since they have such an unusual appearance and I know three people who own them…one, my sister, who rescues them.

They are wonderful dogs with funny personalities.  They are definitely working dogs and love hearding.

Now, I have to say that I am not really happy with they painting, so I thought I’d post it anyway and critique it so you know my thoughts on the matter.

1.  I just jumped right in and now feel I should have completed a drawing first to make sure I was getting the relationships and shapes right.  As you can see, they have large heads, long bodies and an abundance of hair.  They can be various combinations of Black, white and grey.  They also come in a light brown (or blonde) with white.

2.  I was using very soft pastels which makes small marks difficult.  I will do the next one in a larger size to give myself a little break.  I used pastel pencils for some of the detail, but it’s hard when the first layer is very soft.

3. I’m also planning on a different color for the background.  Although I am suggesting grass and bushes in this painting, I’m not entirely happy with the green.  I’ll have to try some other colors out before I commit to a different background.

4. All in all, it’s a reasonable start, but not up to what I’ve done with other breeds, so stay tuned.

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More Almost Daily Sketches

I found some daily sketches that I hadn’t posted.  These were done at various times last year.  As usual, they were done with a Micron pen on the small 3 X 5 sketchbook I carry in my purse.  You never know when the muse might hit.


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Almost Daily Sketches

I’m working on several things at once, but have to stop occasionally and get some drawing in.  These were drawn (quickly, I might add) on a 3 X 5 sketch pad using a brown Sharpie.  As you can see almost anything catches my attention when I’m in the mood.  If you can’t identify the flowers, don’t worry.  I took artist’s license to improvise as I went along.   Hope you enjoy

Sorry the film is so faint.  I should have stopped and made sure I had more light on the easel, but then there you are.

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Spring Art Show

Well, it’s finally time.  Tomorrow the Lakewood Artists Guild will be accepting submissions for the 2010 Spring Art Show held at the Community Center at Mayfair Park.  I have two pastels and two watercolors that you have already seen  in previous posts, but I thought I’d show them framed and ready to go.

Almost a Rose   5 X 7  Watercolor

LA Fall    5 X 7   Watercolor

Birches      8 X 10   Pastel

Shih Tzu    8 X 10   Pastel

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Shih Tzu in Pastel

I decided it was time to show another painting process.  I plan on having some animal and children’s portraits in my booth at the Pan American Fiesta Arts & Crafts Show and will be soliciting commissioned portraits.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  You can never tell when you enter an outdoor show like this whether there are any buyers coming through or just lookers.  I don’t mind lookers…..I do it too!

Above is the original photograph that I worked from. It was rather small, about 2″ high.

First, I  lightly draw the subject (today I used a regular lead pencil, but usually I use a pastel pencil), then put in the basic color or colors.  I like to get the eyes completed or close to complete at the beginning.  If they aren’t right, it’s nearly impossible to catch a likeness.

Here you can see some of the layers of colors I used.  It is easier to control pastel dust and smears by working from the top down at each stage.  I see that the left ear is a little short, but that’s easily fixed.  I think the eyes show the tilt of the head well.   Now on to the finish.

All done and ready for framing.  I’ve chosen a plain golden wood frame that picks up the colors in the dog’s coat.  I’ve surrounded the drawing with white pastel both to pop the figure out of the background as well as cover any errant smears or marks around the figure and pull the top of the head down slightly.  I usually like to use color for backgrounds, but I’m happy with white for this fellow.  Unfortunately, this may not show as well in the photo, but you see the white strokes when your standing near the painting.

By the way, this is not one of my Shih Tzus, but it could be.  He looks very much like my female, Bishi.  Looks like I’ll be painting them soon…….they are very sensitive dogs, you know!

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My Dogs


My Dogs

5 X 7 pen & ink in my trusty sketchbook

I have two little “perfect posers” at home (Pango & Bishi), so I know I always have sketching subjects just waiting for the attention!

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