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You all know my motto…..”when in doubt, paint flowers”!!   I have been working on the 100 paintings challenge on Wet Canvas and in my case, that means pastels.  While thinking about the next version, I got side tracked reading Elizabeth Mowry’s “The Pastelist’s Year”.  She is head and shoulders my favorite pastel artist ….and not a bad writer either.   So, I thought I’d do a small watercolor tonight.  The image is approximately 4 X 6.  Once again using Winsor Newton watercolors in my 7X9 sketch book.  I definitely need to keep practicing using watercolor.  It’s the medium I need to work looser.  But, fuchsias are year around happy flowers.  So, I hope you enjoy!

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Yellow Rose

Yellow rose_10_6This was such an unusual yellow rose with red edges and red and green leaves that I took a picture of it while walking the dogs earlier in the year.  Watercolor, of course, in my 7 X 9 sketchbook.   I actually liked the bud more than the opened flowers as the red seemed more intense.  Unfortunately, this shot doesn’t show the brightness of the original painting.   I may go outdoors tomorrow and see if I can get a better shot.   All comment are truly welcome!  Remember, this is a learning adventure…..and I can take it   :-)

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Pink Azaleas

Lillies_1-_3BWell, I thought I’d give those colored flairs another try.  I’m not as happy with them as I am just the black flair, but it’s fun trying to blend and smear the ink.

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Poppies- A Process Study


Just a quick flair drawing with water brushed on.  Size 7 X 5


I decided to paint the poppies, later the same week…  Size 6 X 9.

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Another quick watercolor of a spring flower.  This was one of our many yellow/orange nasturtiums last year.  Size 5 X 7.

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The drawing above is of Primroses  (Primula polyantha)  called Golden Lace.  The center of each flower is bright yellow, the petals a deep reddish purple trimmed with white.  The colors are so great, I may have to do this one in watercolor.

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