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New Pastel Landscape

June Mountains

9-1/2 X 12 X 1/2


I’ve kept myself busy the last couple of months making a quilt for my granddaughter’s first birthday, greeting my son & his friend Blair at the conclusion of the AIDS Life Cycle 7 day ride from SF to LA, entertaining said very active grandchild and generally goofing off.  (It’s summer, isn’t it?)

But now it’s time to get serious and make new art… if I needed a reason!    I’ll be displaying 7 paintings (probably all or mostly pastels…sometimes a watercolor creeps in there when I’m not looking)at the Gateway Commercial Bank as part of the Lakewood Artists Guild’s “Art About Town” on-going event.  A couple of months ago, I was in a chiropractor’s office in Los Alamitos.  The bank location is just a little bit closer at 4146 Woodruff Ave., Lakewood……for those who may choose to stop by.

This first painting is, of course, celebrating our gorgeous California Poppies as they spread their wonderful spring color along our mountain slopes.  Please enjoy!

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Flower Sketch in Color

Here’s yesterday’s sketch redone in color.  I’m still sorting pictures from our California Poppy trip last week, so I probably won’t have anything up for a couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy!

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California Poppies

Yesterday Chick and I traveled to the California Poppy Reserve.  Although we had some good Spring rains we are still in drought mode.  The color was about 30% of what I expected, but a local resident told me that it was better than last week.  We have rain fore-casted for this coming Thursday and they are hoping that it will be enough to encourage more blooms.  There is a small economy in the area that does much better when the tourists are flocking in  to see acres and acres of Poppies, Purple Lupine and a couple of smaller wildflowers I’ve never identified (like the yellow ones in the foreground) filling the valley and the sides of the mountains.

However, and happily, the trip did result in several photos like the one you see above for me to use as painting subjects.  So, hopefully tomorrow I can post one!    Or, at least soon.

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More 3X5 Drawings

Here’s another group of small drawings done on a 3X5 spiral pad of Canson with a Stylist ink pen.  I keep dreaming about color pastel paintings, but I’m still having fun with these.   I hope you enjoy them!

This is an oriental poppy called “Coral Sea”.  Guess the color?


Boots of Flowers

I saw this done somewhere, turning old boots into vase holders.  I love people with a sense of humor!

Drawing-Boots of flowers 1-6-10

Poodle Doodle

I just thought he was cute.  It’s probably a poodle mix since that’s the thing these days.

Drawing-Poodle Doodle-1-7-10

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Poppies- A Process Study


Just a quick flair drawing with water brushed on.  Size 7 X 5


I decided to paint the poppies, later the same week…  Size 6 X 9.

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