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Messin’ Round

Sometimes, I just mess around and see what happens……………..rather weird, isn’t it?

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Doodle Tres

Without ink outline and details

With ink outline and details

Well, as I planned, I got out my old set of regular Derwent Watercolor Pencils and and used them for this third and last exercise.  I have to admit that the colors from the Inktense set were, in fact, brighter, both going onto the paper and as the water was applied.  I had to work harder to get as much color as I was aiming for using the regular set.   In the middle of the exercise, it occurred to me that I really should have done these on watercolor paper to have a true test.  In the future, when I decide to complete something using w/c pencils, I’ll run a short test on probably 140 lb paper and see what the difference is.

I still have a problem, however, with the Inktense lead color not representing the final color well.  It really means making up a sample sheet with the colors and their names for future use and filling in several colors that weren’t represented in the set that I got  (like a true red, for instance).

Well, this was a fun exercise and I hope you enjoyed my efforts.  Any questions about what I did (or anything else, of course, are more than welcome!)   Enjoy!

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Another Doodle

Well, this is also a doodle using watercolor pencils, but this time no ink.   I had been given a set of Derwent Inktense watersoluble ink pencils, but had never used them.   It’s been awhile since I used watercolor pencils, so I’m not sure so much what the difference is.   So, I guess I’ll have to get out the regular ones and see what that might be.   The advertising I’ve seen for them praises their intense bright colors.   I’m not that sure just doing these last two.   Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to try something with my regular set and see if they are right.  I have to say that the colors that show in the lead don’t translate well after water is added.   We’ll see.     (I used my 5-1/2 X 8-1/2 sketch pad……which is not watercolor paper, so I thought I’d have the photo include the taped edges I use to try and control buckling when the water is applied.

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Just a doodle

I’ve been very busy and not even taking time to doodle until today………This was done with watercolor pencils and brown stylist pen in my handy sketch book.

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Almost Daily Sketches W/C & ink

Usually, I do my “almost daily sketches” in ink, but this time I laid down some watercolor and inked on top.   This makes the picture more illustrative than a “true” watercolor, but I’ve always had fun with this.     Enjoy

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Watercolor Peony


Well, not working in watercolor for several weeks really shows up to me.  This is a 5 X 8 done on sketchpad paper rather than watercolor paper, but it didn’t buckle too  badly as I had applied masking tape around the edges.   We’ll see how it goes.    Comments are always welcome!

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Yellow Roses

I’ve been feeling the urge to get back into watercolor.  This was done on a 7 X 10 Cotman watercolor pad with transparent MaimeriBlu watercolors.  It’s so hot here today that I had to paint something “light”.


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Almost Daily Sketches

I decided to add some larger sketches to my daily sketch routine.  Usually, they are 3 X 5  or so, this one was completed on a 7 X 10 watercolor pad, mostly from my imagination…, no I can’t give you the names of all the flowers.  It was fun to work bigger though.  I first lightly sketched in pencil the main shapes, then painted with watercolor and once it was dry, went back in and outlined and detailed with a Micron pen.


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MiniPix – leaf

Here’s a small leaf I collected on my walk yesterday.  Believe me, you can never tell the time of year in L.A. from the flora and fauna……….this was lying near my madly blooming tulips, freezias and Purple Iris…..can’t tell if it is Spring or Fall sometimes.

I’m doing all the MiniPix on 5″ X 5″ paper.  This is a watercolor, of course.


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Harvey’s Flowers

This is a watercolor I did for a very good friend who has been very ill.  He always admired my flower paintings here in the blog……..and isn’t it a rule that you have to take flowers to someone in the hospital?  Well, here is Harvey’s.    This was is a quick 9 X 12 and only vaguely resembles real flowers.  Sometime, I just like to make up my own.


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