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Spring Art Show


Yes! A blue ribbon from my first Art Show entry and an Honorable Mention!  The show was sponsored by the Lakewood Artist Guild.  Through the years I have entered many quilt shows and have several ribbons, but this was a total surprise for my first Art Show.  Judging was done by a professional artist (not somone affiliated with the Art Guild and both entries were in a category called “Other/Mixed Media”  Other categories were the standard Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Photography, and Digitally Enhanced Photography.  Pastels, Drawings and Mixed Media were judged in this catchall category because they want a leas 7 entries in any specific category.  The blue ribbon is for the Ink and Wash Drawing call “Le Chat” and the Honerable Mention for the pastel landscape called “Utah Snow”.


Here are the other two pastels that I entered…..50% ain’t so bad, is it?   AND the $50 cash prize helped pay for materials.  I was on cloud nine for a long, long time!

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Lakewood Artist Guild Spring Art Show

wall of paintingsII

The Lakewood Artist Guild scheduled their spring show for May 28th through 30th.  Guild members could submit up to 4 paintings (sculptures or crafts) for a very nominal fee.  I choose three pastels and one ink and wash drawing for submission and they were all accepted.  I thought I’d show you the relative sizes of these paintings.  I think they’ve all been posted before with their dimensions, but I think this gives you a better sense of the sizes I usually work in.

Brentwood Church


Well, here’s something different….while parked on San Vicente Blvd, waiting for my appointment time today, I sketched the church across the street…and quickly watercolored for reference.  If I decide to do this as an actual painting, I will probably change the front (I’ll have to get closer to see what’s there) and remove the pinkish building to the left as it isn’t very interesting.  We’ll see.  Again, I used my 5 X 7 sketch book, black ink pen and watercolor.

Old Kentucky Barn


This was painted from a photo taken on a cross-country trip a few years ago.  I shot photos of several barns that had been abandoned and will soon be gone.


5 X 7

El Moro Ranch


10 X 12 ink sketch

I’m going to move the buildings closer to the center and “maybe” get rid of the large tree on the right before I start to paint this.   I took this picture many  years ago pulling off the road to Moro Bay.  I’ll probably just redo this in “thumbnail” size before sketching it lightly onto the final pastel paper.  I’m thinking of making it an autumn scene.

Old Nebraska Barns


Just an ink sketch of a photo.  Too bad I have a tree growing out of a fence post!

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