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Guild Meeting

Wednesday night was the first meeting of the Lakewood Artist Guild after the summer break.  I really enjoyed getting together with artists I had met before the break, plus several new members.  The visiting artist was Ernie Marjoram.  He is a Los Angeles Professional Artist and teacher.  In fact, he is leaving soon vor Vienna and Italy… my envy showing?   Ernie did a wonderful job talking about how to design a painting (he uses oil, but the info was useful for any media).  It was a great demo and lecture and I’m anxious to put to use what I learned. I asked Ernie if I could take his picture during the demo and you will see that below.

Members are incouraged to bring a painting each month to share.  I took a small (4″ X 8″) pastel I had done some time ago. You’ll see in the pictures that the majority brought much larger paintings….but sometimes special things come in small packages, right?

Ernie Marjoram

First pastel

pastel at guild 9_16_09

Art Guild 9_16_09

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California Beach Path


A few years ago, my husband and I were driving in the Central Coast area and decided to take a road branching of from the Coast Hwy 1 to a beach area that was just breathtaking!  In some parts there were dune buggies and lots of activity, but with a little perseverance we got a great view of an almost untouched coastline.  I must admit, the red flowers are right out of my imagination!

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