Red Barn

When I was a little girl, I grew up in the country outskirts of Roseburg, Oregon.  Nearby our house were several fields just being left fallow,  filled with bushes and wild grass and perfect places to play with our dog.  Up a slight slope in the nearest field was an abandoned barn and climbing it’s ladders and using my imagination to think up stories wasn’t a bad way to spend time.   This barn is actually painted from a photo taken on one of my husband and my cross-country trips.   It doesn’t really look like the childhood barn, but close enough.

It was completed on Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper (8/1/4 X 11 3/4) using my usual mixture of Unison, Ludwig, Sennelier and Rembrandt.

I have to say that I’m not really excited about my results on the Fabriano paper and would love to see comments from anyone else that uses it.

3 Responses to “Red Barn”

  1. thom says:

    The russet colors and the dark shadow on the side wall. AMAZING

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Thom. I’m actually going to replace the photo. After awhile, the bottom looked too dark and uninteresting, so I made some changes that work much better with the dark side and the fall colors.

  3. leila Schnyder says:

    It’s difficult to do a decent barn what with weathering, etc. This is quite good! Shadows, etc. lovely

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