Well, this is also a doodle using watercolor pencils, but this time no ink.   I had been given a set of Derwent Inktense watersoluble ink pencils, but had never used them.   It’s been awhile since I used watercolor pencils, so I’m not sure so much what the difference is.   So, I guess I’ll have to get out the regular ones and see what that might be.   The advertising I’ve seen for them praises their intense bright colors.   I’m not that sure just doing these last two.   Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to try something with my regular set and see if they are right.  I have to say that the colors that show in the lead don’t translate well after water is added.   We’ll see.     (I used my 5-1/2 X 8-1/2 sketch pad……which is not watercolor paper, so I thought I’d have the photo include the taped edges I use to try and control buckling when the water is applied.

6 Responses to “Another Doodle”

  1. Susy Lutsky says:

    This looks great! But last week’s flower sketch just keeps on popping into my mind. That one was extraordinary, color and composition wise!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Susy! Sometimes when I just let things go, they come out better than a lot of planning!

  3. leila Schnyder says:

    As usual, keep those doodles coming! I’m with Susy, the flower one is the one I prefer. This one is very nice also, but the pen and ink is my love.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment, Leila. I was just playing around with the watercolor pencils and not specifically trying to do my best. I wanted to see how the colors would act with different thicknesses of pencil.
    No doubt the pen and ink one is better because it’s what I like to do most besides pastels.

  5. thom says:

    What I enjoy is how you sweep from monochrome or muted palettes to saturated color pieces like this… it’s a diverse range.

  6. jan says:

    Thanks, Thom. It’s my strong need not to be bored, I think, that keeps me jumping around.

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