Well, I was at a loss today deciding what to work on.  Sometimes those days just happen, and when they did in the past, I would let it go until something caught my interest….usually the next day.  But, since I’m a part of a painting a day group, I knuckle down and figure that something is better than nothing.  Not a bad philosophy.   So, the flowers below were painted from a photo that I took some time ago and forgot to identify on the back, so I’m not sure when and where I took it, I don’t even know what kind of flowers they are.  Thus, the title:  Spring Flowers.   (Clever, I’d say)
Watercolor (Winson & Newton travel kit that only has 14 little blocks of color for mixing)   5 X 7 on Strathmore Watercolor Paper Sketch Book.
Think Spring!

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