Country Home

Country Home 2

This is an India Ink drawing done from a photo I took several years ago along the Central California coast.  I was born in Iowa and raised outside of a small town in Oregon.  There was something about this house that stirred childhood memories even though we didn’t live in any house that looked like this.  I think it was just the aura that did it.   Size is 8-1/2 X 11-1/2.   I’m not sure why the photo faded out like that,  the entire drawing should be as dark as the trees.  Perhaps I can replace it with a properly lit photo.

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  1. Karen & MacGregor says:

    I really really love this drawing. I wasn’t raised around a house like this either, but I have always been drawn to scenes like this. I purchased a drawing of a rural farm house years ago that is reminicent of this drawing. Jan and I must share some weird gene.

    I find this drawing comforting and calming. Of course that is not based on reality because anyone who lived in a house like this had to work very hard to keep food on the table. But dreams don’t have to be based in reality! Thank goodness!

  2. Leila Schnyder says:

    This drawing is just plain wonderful! You have a special touch with architectural features. It just speaks to me of a wonderful old, weather aged house close to the sea. Actually it reminds me of the Ft. Bragg coast. The trees are shaped by eons of wind. Excellent job!


  3. Chris says:

    Unbelievable attention to detail! I thought the trees were purposefully darker before I read what you wrote. I love it!!

  4. thom says:

    Indeed, any time you do architecture, I’m especially stunned at how well you pull it off. Better than your son, that’s for sure!

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