I decided to add some larger sketches to my daily sketch routine.  Usually, they are 3 X 5  or so, this one was completed on a 7 X 10 watercolor pad, mostly from my imagination…..so, no I can’t give you the names of all the flowers.  It was fun to work bigger though.  I first lightly sketched in pencil the main shapes, then painted with watercolor and once it was dry, went back in and outlined and detailed with a Micron pen.


3 Responses to “Almost Daily Sketches”

  1. thom says:

    Hey thats an interesting process, inking afterwards… we do something like that in architectural rendering: print the image in yellow ink on watercolor paper, paint it, then ink hardline or freehand over the dried paint for edges…

  2. Leila Schnyder says:

    I love this! The watercolor/inking works well when making a delicate piece like this. It looks very Eastery!

  3. Thanks, Thom and Leila!

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