I’ve been posting single 5 X 7 paintings and sometimes a group of 3 or 4 and described (probably ad nauseam) the self-imposed rules that the pastel group on Wet Canvas agreed on:  completing 100 pastel paintings with no target date, same size (I chose 5 X 7), within an alloted time (I chose 30 min.) all using different colors.  Now that I’m at number 55, I’m really having to watch what colors I chose.  And to give you an idea of how I do that, I took a couple of shots of the 55 already done.  The 5 X 7s are affixed to poster board and propped around the area in front of my easel for reference.  I tried using photographs….and may eventually return to that method….but found looking at the originals more inspiring.



3 Responses to “100 Pastel Challenge”

  1. thom says:

    It’s SO impressive seeing it all together like that, isn’t it?

  2. Leila Schnyder says:

    See the hills, the hills
    ever shifting in color
    shape never changing

  3. thom says:

    view, unwavering
    psychedelic mutations
    have I been poisoned?

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