April, 2009

Birdhouse- A Process Study


Today, I did a quick sketch of a bird house in our back yard.   I thought I’d show you how I work on the dining room table some times, esp. if the paper is small.  This is my 5 X 7 sketchbook and my travel watercolor set .


And here is the finished sketch drawn in thin black ink and then colored with watercolor!

Brentwood Church


Well, here’s something different….while parked on San Vicente Blvd, waiting for my appointment time today, I sketched the church across the street…and quickly watercolored for reference.  If I decide to do this as an actual painting, I will probably change the front (I’ll have to get closer to see what’s there) and remove the pinkish building to the left as it isn’t very interesting.  We’ll see.  Again, I used my 5 X 7 sketch book, black ink pen and watercolor.



I seem to be in a spring flower mood, although my daffodils finished blooming a couple of weeks ago.  Right now, though I have beautiful purple iris blooming front and back along with yellow and red freesias.  Hope you enjoy.

Miniature Bulldog


I found this photo of a miniature bulldog just lying there looking up with a longing expression and decided to see what I could do with it.  I didn’t get the expression as well as I’d like.  I may redo it tomorrow in color. They have such dopey-sweet faces!   This was done with a flair pen then brushed with water.  Size 4 X 5.

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Poppies- A Process Study


Just a quick flair drawing with water brushed on.  Size 7 X 5


I decided to paint the poppies, later the same week…  Size 6 X 9.

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Another quick watercolor of a spring flower.  This was one of our many yellow/orange nasturtiums last year.  Size 5 X 7.

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Spring Flowers


Well, I was at a loss today deciding what to work on.  Sometimes those days just happen, and when they did in the past, I would let it go until something caught my interest….usually the next day.  But, since I’m a part of a painting a day group, I knuckle down and figure that something is better than nothing.  Not a bad philosophy.   So, the flowers below were painted from a photo that I took some time ago and forgot to identify on the back, so I’m not sure when and where I took it, I don’t even know what kind of flowers they are.  Thus, the title:  Spring Flowers.   (Clever, I’d say)
Watercolor (Winson & Newton travel kit that only has 14 little blocks of color for mixing)   5 X 7 on Strathmore Watercolor Paper Sketch Book.
Think Spring!

High Desert Blooms


Location is somewhere outside of Vegas, but at a higher altitude of course.  This is a soft pastel on Canson paper   Size 100 X 12.    Enjoy.



Well, here is today’s practice….another dog….I’m not happy with the color.  It should be a pinkish grey, but that’s what happens when I paint at night instead of earlier in the day!  I also need to correct the eyes.  So, tomorrow I’ll either do some corrections or complete a different one.  Practice, practice, practice!!  This was done in watercolor on Strathmore paper   size:  approx. 7 X 5.

Salt Lake Farm


Watercolor 8-1/2 X 10″

Today I decided to complete a pastel that I started a couple of months ago.  This is painted from a photo I took a few years ago when I was driving south of Salt Lake City to see some property for work.    I’ll bet there’s snow sitting just like this now!  Viva Southern California!

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